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*Results may vary

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Most Recent Male Enhancement FDA ALERTs

12-22-2016 - Public Notification: Power Male Sexual Stimulant Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Power Male Sexual Stimulant, a product promoted for sexual enhancement. This product was identified by FDA during an examination of international mail shipments.

12-22-2016 Public Notification: Black 3K Plus Male Sexual Enhancement Capsules Contain Hidden Drug Ingredient

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Black 3K Plus Male Sexual Enhancement Capsules, a product promoted for sexual enhancement. This product was identified by FDA during an examination of international mail shipments.

Health Alert – Herbs that are good for guys

#1 – Exercise! – that’s right guys. Your body should be treated like a Ferrari. You need to maintain your health with exercise. It is a building block to all things healthy.

It has been shown in many studies that exercising is an excellent choice for any guy suffering from sexual issues. Whether you are not performing well or you have issues with erections – Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

#2 – Size Does Matter

We have all heard it before – “Size Matters” or “It’s how you use it – not the size” or “OMG his cock is HUGE” or “it’s the motion in the ocean” – etc….. we ask the ladies for their opinion!

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