Revealed! Hot Sex Tips for Guys

Read what women really like, get tips on pleasing her in bed and what you need to do to make that happen.

You are in charge of your body, it has been proven that proper diet and exercise can benefit your sex life.

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    Exercise – Let’s face it guys, making sure you exercise regularly can benefit your sex life in a number of key areas.

    1st and foremost, it makes you more attractive to your partner. This in turn increases their sexual interest in you. If you partner has a sexual interest in you – then you will be aroused and respond and you have a mutually beneficially Sex Life!

    2nd regular exercise helps keep your body and all it functions working properly. If you are out of shape or overweight – then this can prevent you from performing sexually at the same level as a guy who is in shape. If you don’t exercise, the time to start is NOW.

    3rd Doctor’s recommend it – overwhelmingly Doctors agree – Exercise is good for Guys!

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    Size Does Matter

    OK, so we have heard lots of urban legends regarding this topic. There have been several surveys done in regards to penis size and the ability to please a woman. Guess what? Size does matter. You can be Too Big and you can be Too Small. There are several different factors that are related to your penis size and ability to please. However, if you talk to the ladies it seems pretty obvious that the bigger the better.

    If you are married or in a long term relationship, then size may be even more important. As time goes sex can lose its luster, but if you have a big thick unit and you can expand her vaginal walls every time you penetrate – then chances are – She Loves It!

    If you are dating or “playing the field” - first impressions can be everything. If you are dating a girl you are really attracted to and she has previously been with a “hung” guy and you are not so “hung” – then you may not get a second chance.

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    Diet – Aphrodisiac Foods!

    Diet is more than fitness and exercise related. The foods you eat and beverages you drink can help or work against all types of bodily activities – including Sex.

    Just like there are foods that may be good for boosting sex, there are also foods that may not be good for sex and actually make things worse.

    GOOD: bananas, oysters, salmon, chocolate, garlic, ginseng, chili, nuts, avocados, almonds, strawberries, seafood, arugula, figs, citrus,

    BAD: processed foods, diet soda, soy, graham crackers, excess alcohol, sugar, canned soups, deli meat, edamame

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    Personal Hygiene – smells, dirty clothes, and nasty shoes…

    We all think some things are obvious – but many guys overlook simple things. Have good personal hygiene is key to scoring with women.

    It all starts with your mouth. It’s pretty simple, brush your teeth correctly and regularly and make sure you don’t have bad breath. No one want sot kiss your bad breath – major turn off.

    If you have B.O. – take a friggin shower. This should be no brainer but it is a frequent complaint from women. Be clean, have a clean smell – don’t be dirty and smell like you covered it up with cologne. Women are smarter than that.

    Keep your clothes clean – and throw out the old shoes.

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